If you buy one thing on iTunes this summer, make it Coasts’ latest EP ‘Oceans’. Bursting with their trademark positivity, this new release could quite possibly become the soundtrack of the summer.

The title track Oceans saw Coasts enlisting the help of Alan Moulder (who has previously worked with bands such as Arctic Monkeys and Foals) to edit their previous single. Moulder’s edit (luckily) shows little difference from the original track and retains the vibrant essence of Coasts’ original creation. The song itself really gives that ‘festival feeling’ and evokes a sense of nostalgia for the long summer days.

Next on the EP is the song ‘Tonight’. Once again Coasts creates a vibrant and catchy summer anthem. My one reservation with this track was its similarity to other artists (such as Eliza and the Bear and Friendly Fires). With so many artists and songs emerging every day it is almost impossible to release something that is not similar to someone else’s. ‘Tonight’ may be an example of that but it doesn’t flaw the song, it’s still energetic enough to have everyone dancing.  

‘Golden City’ continues the up-beat vibe with another refreshing, easy-to-listen-to song. The final original track on the EP, ‘See How’ brings the EP to a satisfying finish with a comparatively raw song that displays the versatility of the band without taking away from the overall essence of the EP.

Finally, we come to the dreaded remixes. As with many albums and EPs, these songs are unnecessary and could quite frankly do without. They take a very good EP and overshadow a lot of the excellent parts of it which is why I have made the decision to simply overlook them. It would be a shame to allow my opinion on such a great release to be ruined by such an insignificant detail.

Overall ‘Oceans’ is a clever and well written EP which quenches our anticipation whilst we await Coasts first album. A feel-good and positive release from a band oozing with potential. I look forward to see what they have in store for us in the future. 

Words by Hannah